The Consciousness of Sleep and the Universal Round

Dear IT Guy From India,

I feel that cosmically, forces deep from the universe flow through my soul, and that each evening, when I sleep, the darkness I experience is only that from which I come, and to which I will ultimately return.

I don’t fear the darkness, because in it, I find a warmth and love that makes me know that it is not my enemy, but rather, a friend. Proof of this, to me at least, is that the darkness of my sleep is split with dream, of which I can take to believe as reality as any waking moment. What is waking consciousness after all, but sensory perceptions of a world that I cannot prove exists other than my mind perceives all things I experience. Is that not the same as dream in sleep?

Coming Awake in Des Moines

Dear Coming Awake in Des Moines,

You’ve got a lot of choices with an Apache server install, and depending on your distribution or installation choices, Apache may already be installed.

Setting it up on Linux varies from machine to machine, Red Hat, Debian, Caldera, or Mandrake, among others have different ways to fine tune the install, but in the end they all work the same.

When I configure Apache, I like to keep all the binaries and associated files in one directory, typically /usr/local/apache and I’ll set up a content directory like /home/httpd/html. Here is where I’ll put all the CGI scripts and programs.

What’s nice about this setup is that if you end up with multiple “virtual hosts” running, you get an easy handle to manage it all. In a lot of distributions out there Apache is already set to go out of the box. You just start the server and populate it with content. But sometimes you have to play with the config file.

Apache is really a simple operating system to get up and running, unless you have to compile your server, which is beyond the scope here. But if it is installed already, great, you’re almost there!

Hope that helps.

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