Meat Puppets

On a planet of stone and water:

Near the sun of energy and life:

In a galaxy cold and alone:

Where wanderers roam among unshifting points of light

Hurling through an uncaring universe expanding into what may never be known:

The meat puppets live…the meat puppet world

“The gods did not reveal from the beginning, all things to us, but in the course of time, through seeking, men find that which is better. But as for certain truth, no man has known it. Nor will he know it.” Xenophanes (6th century BCE)

“Xeno…” Thoosa said, rolling on her hip, looking at him through the firelight.

Hushed for a moment.

She brushed her finger on his lips, feeling warm and soft. Folding down to on to his body, she gave up a kiss to those lips and then rested her head on his chest.

Listened to the heart, beating beneath her ear.

…why do the wanderers roam the night sky?”.

Her words floated on the air, in between and with the embers and smoke rising from the fire. Rising on the currents, swirling in time, then landing in his ears.

They had come this small clearing in the wood, as they often do, hiding away from the others, doing what young lovers do in the cool evening of Summer.


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