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Hire Writers in Detroit for SEO content

You hire writers in a digital marketing agency a few different ways. And most hire freelance content writers from Upwork or Fiver or they hire journalism and English majors. This doesn’t always work out as expected and usually leads to expensive reworks.

But I want to tell you about another option. How about you hire a local SEO content writer in the Detroit area.

My name is Dan Bousho and I have been writing SEO content marketing in Detroit for over a decade. My SEO content can be found on blogs and websites around the world driving successful digital marketing campaigns. And I can do the same for your marketing agency or small business.

Why Hire Writers from UpWork or Fiver When You Can Hire Great Local SEO Writers?

The problem when you hire writers at Upwork or Fiver are the unknowns. There are just too many if you’re looking for a local SEO content writer. First, how do you know that the UpWork or Fiver SEO content writer can put together good content marketing meeting your quality, timing, and budget needs. Second, how do you know they are good marketers themselves.

And then there’s the problem with hiring writers with a journalism or English major for your SEO content marketing. While these writers may excel at journalism and English literature, SEO content writing is neither of these. SEO content writing is simply good copywriting tailored to modern digital marketing needs.

My experience is agencies get to choose from two of these three SEO content writing business buying metrics:

  • Quality
  • Timing
  • Budget

Rarely can you get all three.

But I want to let you know something, my SEO content writing can deliver on all three. And I can make it work for blogging SEO content, local SEO content, and social media SEO content.

Writers for Blogging in Detroit

Hiring a writer for blogging is critical to keep your business blog live and active. I blog daily for Detroit area companies and companies around the world.

You can hire my blog writing for:

  • Detroit real estate blog content
  • Detroit independent insurance blog content
  • Detroit small business blog content
  • Detroit dental blog content
  • Detroit automotive dealer blog content
  • Detroit health and fitness blog content

Blog content has historically been the content that customers go to for a deeper understanding of an issue, a product, or a service. But the format of a blog post, while like a page, will tend to be more engaging. The idea behind a blog is interaction.

You want your visitors to engage with the content by commenting in the comments section and sharing it on their social media accounts. The trick? In most cases you want to your real voice in an engaging way content for a blog. Even if you have a business that traditionally isn’t fun or engaging, I will work with you to bring your key customer journey philosophy to the post.

Writers for Local SEO Content in Detroit

When you hire a writer for local SEO content you want a writer with global SEO and local SEO skills. I bring these skills to the table.

My SEO content writing has all the qualities of solid SEO content marketing strategy:

  • Writing in active voice
  • Native English grammar
  • Local SEO knowledge
  • SEO marketing skills
  • SEO copywriting

SEO content is the most often misunderstood form of internet digital marketing. And for years SEO content writers have been actively encouraged to build copy on shaky SEO marketing theory. But not many of these SEO content writing theories ended well.

When it comes time to hire a writer for SEO content, make sure you hire a writer who understands how to craft posts and pages for people, not search engines. While it is important to have a certain level of on-page SEO writing for the technology of search, the most important fundamental is writing good content for human consumption.

Writers in Detroit for Social Media Content Marketing

Writers for social media content marketing are rare breeds. A solid understanding of the digital customer journey, a talent for all forms of social content marketing, and a zeal for sales all contribute to the skill set of a social SEO content marketing specialist.

I have that skill set, and can leverage it for your socaial content marketing in the areas of:

  • Facebook digital marketing
  • Instagram digital marketing
  • Twitter digital marketing
  • Search digital marketing

If you want to hire a writer in Detroit you can trust with your business reputation or client expectations, you want to talk to me. I will show you how I deliver legit SEO writing with solid SEO content copywriting and digital marketing skills.

Hire Writers in Detroit for Detroit SEO

When you want to hire a writer in Detroit for, hire me, Dan Bousho. I have over a decade experience in SEO content writing, SEO content marketing, and social media content marketing. As a local Detroit SEO marketing service agency, I am ready to meet your SEO content needs.

Before you contract any SEO writing service in Detroit, give me a call.