Food Processor no Match for 86 Year Old Lebanese Woman

Vitamix 750 Pro
Vitamix 750 Pro
Vitamix 750 Pro
Vitamix 750 Pro

Family sources reported today that Teta, the 86 year old Yasso family matriarch, had reduced a Vitamix professional series 750 food processor to a smoking piece of trash.

The Vitamix 750 had performed diligently for nearly two years, longer than any other machine, preparing delicious Hummus, Kibbe, Majedra, and other Lebanese delights in the skilled, yet demanding hands of the 86 year old woman.

Representing some of the finest engineering in the culinary preparation world, and constructed of high-grade, heavy-duty material, the 750 is known globally for its ability to produce smooth textures, provide versatility in the kitchen, and overall ease of use. According to internet sources, the machine presents a powerful, durable solution to common food processing tasks.

Repeated salvos of instantaneous, pulsed puree cycles followed by firm knocks from the 86 year old hands, however, proved too much for the UL listed piece of kitchen equipment. At 5:13 p.m. today, approximately 15 minutes before the family was to sit for dinner, the machine emanated a high-pitched squeal and colorful plume of smoke just before its final preparation of Hummus.

Taking the machine’s destruction in stride, 86 year old Teta spooned the final remnants of Hummus clinging to the machines glass walled container onto a serving platter just before tossing the smoking pile of plastic, steel, and glass into the trash.

At post time, Dan, Teta’s son in law, was discussing a new food-processor’s warranty coverage with the local Best-Buy sales person.

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