Nip and Tuck

The bar was nothing like I expected. Windows filled the front face of the building from street level to the roof, behind which could be seen the patrons, all fairly well dressed. It could have been a bar filled with lawyers and wall street bankers on Madison Avenue. The Maitre-d, a young lady, met me… Continue reading Nip and Tuck

Charlotte Sweeney

Fleshy cheeked Charlotte Sweeney, green vinyl purse chain jangling round her neck, ran through the sand towards the slide. Charlotte, sweet child born to mother Alexandra of father Richmond, loved nothing more than seeing favor in Mum’s eyes. More often than her nine-year-old mind cared to remember, however, Charlotte often saw in those eyes something… Continue reading Charlotte Sweeney


Rusty and beat up, like a dessert mesa, the building rose. Lonely among the red sands sitting silently centered in a patch of blacktop, hot and stinking of oily asphalt fumes. “What time he supposed to show up” “Said Three o’clock” “Well it’s goddam half past three o’clock now, he’s fucking late” “Shut up” “What… Continue reading Killers