Priming the writing pump

Well okay, I’ll start here. Right at the beginning. You see I’ve been writing for some time now. I don’t include my schooling days, I was a terrible student. I discovered words later in life along with what they can do. But even so, each time I open the blank page the same feeling emerges.… Continue reading Priming the writing pump


“I wanted you to be the first to know,” Rowan tentatively confided in me. “Even if the glaciers don’t melt and drown us all, there would still be plain old death.” Rowan lay there in the hospital bed, he had been there three-weeks. The bed had switches, buttons and motors that move the bed so… Continue reading Woke

Turds of Misery

Every thousand years or so an event so transforming and paradigm shifting occurs that society itself has no choice but to embrace the change or be cast onto the pyre of fateful irrelevance and go quietly into the night. Jesus, Gandhi, Mohamed, Siddhārtha Gautama, Turds of Misery. Don’t scoff here, let’s look at this. Who… Continue reading Turds of Misery

Afterlife Promises and a Quick One For the Road

The thurible, laden with charms and smoky as hell, tinkled a soft regular rhythm in the center stage priest’s hands. Golden chains stretched and released, pendulum like with each wave. The thurible’s smoke filled the alter. Its waifs sent streaming across icons and images of the Virgin and her Son, Jesus. Stage left, another priest… Continue reading Afterlife Promises and a Quick One For the Road

Being Thirty

  Sanja Marušić – Thought Catalog My attempt to convey the knowledge I’ve gained in the past 30 years, has proven to be more challenging than initially anticipated. It wasn’t simply a matter of listing a series of learning, but prioritising and selecting the most critical ones, that have left a long-lasting imprint on me… Continue reading Being Thirty