Be More Fit

Fitness should be number one on your accomplishment list for a very simple reason: From fitness all other things emerge or improve.

Two key fitness categories

Causes of poor fitness

Being poorly fit, mentally or physically, happens whenever you don’t utilize whatever gifts you have to their fullest capacity.

Understand this simple fact, not everyone has the same gifts physically or mentally, but everyone can maximize what they have to its fullest.

So you may not ever run a sub four-minute mile and you may never write the novel that changes the world. But you most certainly can, and should, develop your physical and mental capacity to its highest level.

When you’re not fit you don’t feel better, you don’t understand why you feel the way you do, you’re not optimistic about things, you don’t feel connected, you’re less likely to love yourself, others or life completely, your understanding is compromised, you don’t feel welcoming or content, and it’s harder to be brave and courageous.

When you get soft in either muscle or mind, the rest of life follows suit. Each thing we look for on our  list of accomplishments in life becomes harder to attain.

Changing poor fitness to good fitness

If you want to make change,  you have to understand what change looks like. Have another look at the simple truths on how you change things in your life:

The basic NSCL axioms for accomplishment:

  • Changing X will likely cause change in Y
  • This change is asymmetric, a change in Y won’t budge X
  • This cause and effect is bound by time, Y does not occur before X

Looking at the first basic truth we have for accomplishments, a change in X will likely cause a change in Y, we need to identify changes which will affect our fitness.

The good news is there are tons of things that are simple to change to get better mental and physical fitness.

Even better news is that a number of them work for improving both your physical and mental health.

The short list of change action items that improve your fitness

  • Change your diet to include healthy foods
  • Get a moderate amount of exercise
  • Don’t smoke or use alcohol or drugs stupidly
  • Be honest with yourself about you

The first three items are simple to understand and honestly quite effective. There’s plenty of evidence that doing the first two should have you lose 20 pounds easy in a year or less, the third one just says don’t be stupid with drugs or alcohol and in fact there is evidence that a drink a day is healthy.

Look, cigarettes are simply stupid and expensive, there’s a huge difference between one drink and ten, and wake and bakes might not do much but smoke weed and eat junk food on the couch!

This leads us to item number four.

Being honest with yourself could mean you do have to make some choices that may seem uncomfortable and foreign to you. You may really, really like to eat fast-food, you may similarly enjoy getting toasted on the weekends with your buddies, girlfriends, or both or maybe neither. Only you can be the honest judge of where you’re at in the world and life.

It isn’t about being judgmental, it’s about moving forward

Here’s the deal, being honest means that you work to be your own level best and look at those kinds of things that you can’t do well as opportunities.

We are, after all, talking about accomplishment here. And the fact of the matter is this: No accomplishment comes without effort and work.

But when you look around keep in mind that there are some very simple things that you can start doing right now to improve your fitness.

We love classic axioms here, they’re classic for a reason after all. And one of the best is that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

You can take that step right now.