How can any website really talk about life and living?

It can’t directly.

So I don’t try.

Instead, let’s look at living a life that’s not so serious, well lived, filled with love and kindness, and lump it into a category that in the end really makes sense.

Lots of things go into a life well lived. Humor, hard work, study, fitness, honesty, and simple contemplation all fit nicely.

And when your number comes up and you suck your last lung full of air, the good, the bad, the beautiful will still be here. Just as everything else is.

So how about learning to deal with life straight on, honestly, and with some thought to it and make it the best it can be.

This site is unlike any other you’ve seen. Here, you’ll find straight up information about health, fitness, and living well.

You’ll also find ideas represented in ways bringing it all together in a fun, easy to spend time with place.

Anything else is simply too common.

Be uncommon