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Freelance SEO Content Writer in Detroit

One of the best SEO writers in Detroit

Dan Bousho is a freelance SEO content writer living in the Detroit Michigan Area. His SEO focused content moves content marketing strategy for marketing agencies, small businesses, and professionals around the world.

His style of SEO development and content marketing are key to the modern marketing strategy. As customer behavior patterns become influenced by dozens of technology platforms, content development and strategy fill important needs.

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In each of these platforms, customer focused SEO content is the critical connection to the customer. Without it, engagement suffers because the user experience misses the mark.

Without doubt, every level of today’s sales funnel is touched by some form of SEO focused content.

That means knowing SEO based content writing is critical to your campaign’s success. Smart marketers know SEO based writing is among the most important first touch points of the customer journey. And they know customer behavior patterns are influenced by what they see and read on the internet.

Only the best practices for SEO content writing

Get best practices for SEO writing on grammar, linguistic, and marketing principles. Grammar calls for active wording, attention to flow, and accepted standard grammar conventions. But when you consider the linguistic and marketing principles behind some of the best content for SEO, cracks emerge in the model.

First, call for keyword rich content and on page content optimization tempts a freelance content writer to emphasize SEO rich content to the extreme. Sometimes writers get direction to do so. This technique, so prevalent in the early 21st century, caused search engines like Google to launch algorithms targeting fraudulently optimized text.

The fact of the matter is search engines just want well-written content.

Second, while well-written content is valuable, we underestimate its worth. Good SEO writing takes skill and time. As we approach the quarter-century mark of the new millennium, the best content writers command compensation previously reserved for site designers, coders, and developers.

To answer the need for the best SEO practices, Dan has developed a technique of writing with keywords mapped to mimic site and search architecture. Result: SEO based content writing with high levels of on page search engine optimization and focused content for SEO friendly writing.

Dan Bousho | SEO content writing services since 2006

Content marketing begins with a solid SEO strategy and then writing the best content to that strategy. If you are looking for good on page search engine optimization using SEO best practices, call an on-page SEO expert. Call Dan Bousho for your SEO and content marketing.


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